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NYC Mayor Rejects Carry Permit Plea From His Recently-Robbed Pastor Friend


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“No matter if we have a record, it should be exempt,” Whitehead said. “So we should be able to bear arms as the Constitution says.”

That’s Bishop Lamor Whitehead in the quote above, saying that even though he spent five years in prison for past crimes, he, as a member of the clergy, should receive a special dispensation for a concealed carry permit in New York City. When asked if preachers should receive special treatment in NY, where carry permits are as rare as hen’s teeth, Whitehead’s long-time friend, Mayor Eric Adams, said — and this is apparently the entirety of his answer — “No.”

The thing about it is . . . well, look, first and foremost if he isn’t a danger to others he should damn well be able to carry a firearm for self defense if he wants to. NYC violates the Constitution and its citizens’ natural, civil, and Constitutionally-protected Second Amendment rights every darn day by making permits effectively impossible to get, and I cannot and do not agree with it.

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BUT . . . Whitehead has no reason to seek special treatment as a man of the cloth. He wasn’t targeted because he’s a pastor. He was targeted and robbed at gunpoint, along with his wife, because they are notoriously ostentatious — driving a Rolls Royce, rocking custom and designer clothing, and wearing massive quantities of jewelry.

In fact, they apparently lost one million dollars of jewelry in the armed robbery, which happened during a live streamed church service. One million dollars, as in $1,000,000, of jewelry that, from the sounds of it, was literally on their persons at the time of the robbery, which occurred while Whitehead was in front of his congregation preaching about lord knows what.

You’ll find no love for Whitehead over at BlackSportsOnline. The NY Daily News has more info on Mayor Adams’ rejection of his long-time pal’s special request, and the AP has more details on the robbery.


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