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Houston Gun Buy-Back Purchases Hundreds Of 3D Printed Guns

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At $150 a pop, it’s good business to print up some barely functional (if that) plastic guns and sell them to The City of Houston. Second Amendment advocates, trolls, pranksters, and other entrepreneurs lined up and sold worthless junk to the city. Hilarious.

It costs under $5 to print one of those Harlot derringers. Want the files? HERE ya go. They’re available all over. Worried the 3D printer is too expensive? How about an Ender 3 for $189? These things are legit. I’ve used an Ender 3 Pro ($239) fairly extensively and it’s great. Sell a B.S. “ghost gun” and pay it off immediately.

Maybe you can sell a baker’s dozen at your local gun buyback like in the video above. At $150 a pop this was pretty good business for some! I could have financed a weekend with the girlfriend in Houston under this business plan. Hmmmm…next time.


Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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