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How to Get to Carnegie Hall or Save Innocent Lives – Practice, Practice, Practice

Most people’s views of handgun shooting are ‘someone said’. NATO is how much force the bullet has and the probability of a hit(AKA 50%), so they have is at 50m. Handguns, just like rifles have the range that they can keep the rounds inside of a defined area. If you looking at 4 MOA gun, a man is still an acceptable target at 400 yards, AKA 12″ across. Ed McGivern taught that the service pistol was effective to 600 yards, and that was 38. Jerry has hit a USPSA full size target at 1k, with his M&P core. Instationaly trained, speed shooters, Bullseye, and PPC all shoot out to 25 yards; they all have a common denominator. That young man out tending his family’s cows, does not have that limitation. The guys who grew up killing Jackrabbits out west, using whatever they had at hand, do not, either. The difference between being schooled to shoot to pass a standard and being taught/practicing to use your arm to its limits. I have seen lots of people start at the start of the shooting season(northern tier) with no real instruction prior, and in a few nights of practice, be able to make headshots(6×6″ squares or 8″ plates) on demand at 50m, most quality duty weapons can do this easily, and by the end of the season, make them with aggressive par times. All one has to do is try to shoot their pistol out to 300m; if you have the basics down, it is not hard. But on my young life, I had things like the Fairchild AFB active shooter elimination to practice up to. 70 yards after a nice sprint, with a 50% hit rate(SrA Brown’s shooting, with a 50% hit probability pistol). So far, I have seen in skilled hands, a handgun beats a rifle under 100 yards when speed counts and the target is at or larger than a one-gal milk jug. If you need fires placed on something, a handgun gets rounds in the area out to 350m, much faster. A rifle will let you hit a much smaller item, hit will a ton more force, and will make it look easy, but that assumes you have one in arms reach.

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