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Gun Meme of the Day: HK is Expensive Edition

I think they deserve some hate for it, but there’s quite a few companies that deserve the same treatment, particularly ones that make delayed roller blowback weapons.

DRB is actually a very simple system and is only expensive because most people believe it’s expensive to make them. In reality They’re stamped steel and only just an advanced form of straight blowback. It was designed in the final days of the Reich while they tried to churn out the STG45 that never made it to the front lines. And that expense typically only applies to pistol caliber DRB weapons.

Case in point, PTR. PTR makes a G3 clone that’s roughly a grand. But they also make an MP5 clone that uses far less material but is typically 2 grand or more. Sometimes you can find them lower, but either way, ALL companies that make an MP5 clone charge out the ass for them.

Now, I don’t blame them, because people are willing to pay that much for them, but that’s based on ignorance. To me it’s like paying 2,500 for an AK. It’s a Fuckin AK. No sir. I think if more people knew that DRB was actually a “cheap” system people wouldn’t be willing to pay a premium for them, and the price would reduce.

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