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Obscure Object of Desire: My Custom ‘Apache Pug’ Kuckleduster Revolver

Reader Rudukai13 writes . . .

I recently received a completed custom design I commissioned from Wright Armory in Tempe, Arizona. It’s inspired by the Apache Revolvers of the mid 19th century. An array of unusual combinations of revolvers and knuckledusters were available at the time.

Ever since learning about the history of the Apache knuckleguns many years ago I’ve wanted to try building one of my own. Recent events conspired and that dream has finally becoming a reality.

The project started off as a limited-edition “The Dude” model of the NAA Pug .22 Magnum mini revolver, with color case hardened frame and stainless steel cylinder.

The gun was then sent out to Wright Armory where a one-off custom set of stainless steel knuckledusters were designed, fabricated, and fitted to the frame of the mini revolver.

I took a trip to the range where the customized NAA Pug fired dozens of CCI Maxi-Mag and Speer Gold Dot .22 Magnum rounds without a single light strike, failure to fire, stuck case, hitch, glitch, or hiccup of any kind.

I’ve confirmed that the design is, in fact, a very functional gun..

Just yesterday I tested the knuckles using a large chunk of ice, impacting it by alternating the front of the knuckle stalls and the pinky knuckle stall for a “hammerfist” strike . . .

The Apache remained firmly in my grasp throughout the testing and proved to be extremely comfortable – and effective – when used as a striking implement.

This project was meant to create a unique and interesting display piece and some “man jewelry,” not unlike, I think, the original Knucklegun designs the build was inspired by.

I’m extremely pleased with the way the piece turned out aesthetically, and am further heartened in knowing that it could in fact be a functional pistol or impact weapon should the need ever arise.

In short, I accomplished the goals I set out to achieve when I first had the idea for this project:

– A functional mini revolver: check

– A functional knuckleduster: check

– A badass, one-of-a-kind, Steampunk pocket jewelry piece: uh…motherf*cking check

For more information, the entire project was chronicled on the forums here.


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