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GOP Senators Finally Reach a Hard-Fought Deal With Democrats on Commonsense Gun Safety

No one should impicitly “trust” any politician, however, following on the primary wins of Trump-endorsed candidates, things should be brighter after November at least as far as damaging legislation is concerned.

I don’t know about Montana, but Iowa has a great, courageous Repiublican Governor, a Republican-controlled Senate run by an equally adept and courageous leader and the House is also controlled by the Republicans, althoufh leadership there is sometimes at question. In any event, the democrats have been, for the most part, irrelevant for the past 3 years and they’ll be worse off after November.

If your state political leaders can convince good people to run for office (not an easy task) and state’s voters see to it that those who are sent to the Capital follow through with their campaign promises, very good things can happen. South Dakota, among other states is doing likewise.

Groom your people well before they ever go to DC and you may be pleasantly surprised. Ashley Hinson and Dr. Marianette Miller-Meeks are 2 prime examples of recent US Reps who are doing wonderful work in DC, not just for Iowa, but for the entire, non-woke, American population.

Fix your own states. Cities, too.

But as for an example of “party affiliation”, I suggest Kurt Russel in “Used Cars” as a better example.

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