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ILA | Attorney General Derek Schmidt Working to Protect Kansas

This week, Kansas Attorney General and candidate for Governor, Derek Schmidt, announced a public safety plan to improve school security and reduce violence in Kansas communities.

“I look forward to discussing the plan with Kansas voters and, as governor, working with the Legislature to enact each provision next year.”

Attorney General Schmidt understands that more gun control is not the answer, unlike his opponent and current Governor, Laura Kelly.  In contrast, Governor Kelly is demanding action for “common-sense gun reform.”  The same rhetoric all anti-gun politicians say, under the guise of “public health” or “gun violence prevention.” 

Last year, Governor Kelly had her chance to work to protect the children of Kansas by signing a school security bill, but instead, she vetoed the bill. She did not stop there; she also removed the funding for school safety. Governor Kelly made it obvious that all she wants to do is strip the Second Amendment rights of all Kansans.

Anti-gun politicians have been pushing for gun control for years, and now they are seizing the opportunity by exploiting tragedies in other states. Ultimately, Kansas’ law-abiding gun owners should not pay the price for criminals who violate the law. Nor should they be forced by their current state leader to adopt gun control when she does nothing to address issues such as school security and mental health.

Please contact the Governor at 785-296-3232, as well as your State Lawmakers, in opposition to any proposed gun control.

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