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NRA-ILA | Rhode Island: Important Alert

Anti-gun, Progressive politicians bent on using tragedy to secure their wishlist of gun bans are pressing hard in Providence, and legislative leaders are poised to cave.  This is an urgent request that you contact your Senator and Representatives today and politely request that law-abiding Rhode Islanders are not punished for the actions of deranged criminals hundreds of miles away in other states.  Ask them to vote NO on all of the gun bills.

What’s at stake?  The narrative is out there that EVERYTHING is on the table.  Earlier this session, NRA testified in the House and Senate Judiciary Committees on almost two dozen gun bills, most of them anti-gun bills that have drastic consequences for law-abiding Ocean State gun owners.  The official NRA State Association, the Second Amendment Coalition, alerted their members: “These bills are dangerously close to passing.  The closest they’ve ever been.”  We know that for years Bloomberg-funded groups have tried to get a semi-auto ban and magazine bans, but they also want to raise the age on long-gun purchases to 21 and adopt mandatory storage, rendering self-defense impossible. 

Your rights are at stake!  Please contact your Senator and Representatives and contact House Speaker Joseph Shekarchi and Senate President Dominick Ruggerio as well.  The link to the NRA state association can be found here:  Home ( Please visit their site for more updates and important additional information.

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