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NARRATIVE FAIL: White Supremacists Are NOT The Most Likely Mass Murderers

Joe Biden, Jill Biden
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Leave it to Joe Biden to ignore facts in his quest to distract from the results of his failed leadership. He blamed white supremacy, along with (of course) the gun lobby and “assault weapons” following the Buffalo supermarket murder spree last week. Ironically, less than 10% of mass public shootings have any ties at all to white supremacy. And whites commit less than their proportionate number of attacks.

But the politically incorrect truth doesn’t help Biden, Democrats, or their click-hungry allies in the media. In fact, the data show Middle Easterners make up less than one-half of one percent of Americans, yet they commit 9% of mass public shootings. That’s more than those committed by the “white supremacists” Joe loves to go on about.

Again, you’ll never read that in The New York Times.

John Lott, the dispassionate social scientist and president of the Crime Prevention Research Center, has the details that the data reveal over at the Federalist . . .

In his Buffalo, New York speech last week following a mass shooting, President Biden showed he still has only two things on his mind regarding crime: guns and white supremacists.

No one can defend white supremacists. But with violent crime soaring and this latest attack in Buffalo, people want something done. Yet Biden’s agenda won’t make people safer. 

“Look, we’ve seen the mass shootings in Charleston, South Carolina; El Paso, Texas; in Pittsburgh. Last year in Atlanta. This week in Dallas, Texas, and now in Buffalo. In Buffalo, New York,” Biden said. “White supremacy is a poison. It’s a poison. It really is. Running through our body politic. And it’s been allowed to fester and grow right in front of our eyes. No more. I mean, no more.”

Of the 82 mass public shootings from January 1998 to May 2021, 9 percent have known or alleged ties to white supremacists, neo-Nazis, or anti-immigrant views. Many of the anti-immigrant attackers, such as the Buffalo murderer, hold decidedly environmentalist views that are more in line with the Democrat agenda.

Other groups commit mass public shootings disproportionately more than whites do. While non-Middle Eastern whites make up about 64 percent of the population, they make up 58 percent of the mass public shooters. Another 9 percent are carried out by people of Middle Eastern origin, who make up only 0.4 percent of the country’s population. That makes Middle Easterners the most likely ethnic or racial group to carry out mass public shootings.

Blacks, Asians, and American Indians also commit these attacks at a slightly higher rate than their share of the population. Hispanics commit them at much lower rates (11 percent lower) than their share of the population.

Seventy-one percent of mass public shooters have no identifiable political views. But you would never know this from watching TV police dramas or listening to Biden’s constant claim that white supremacists pose the biggest threat of domestic terrorism.

What most Americans don’t realize is that less than 9% of violent crimes in America involve firearms. Going after guns, even in a perfect world, won’t prevent meaningful numbers of violent crimes.

After all, people walking the streets while on insane ‘affordable bail’ can still drive their SUVs through crowds of people, killing many. But they won’t get Joe Biden to visit the city, talk about the crime, the black supremacist driver, or the soft-on-crime policies that let Darrell Brooks out of jail on $1000 bond after he tried to kill someone by running them down with the same SUV.

Instead, the media will blame the SUV for the carnage. From the NY Post headline:

5 killed and 40 injured, including kids, when SUV plows into Wisconsin Christmas parade — terror not ruled out

And while tragedies like Sandy Hook, Columbine and Parkland showed us that America needs greater funding for armed security to protect America’s schools, Congress and Joe Biden busied themselves approving $40 billion more for Ukraine.

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