Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Gun Meme of the Day: Sasquatch Hunting Edition

Hey, I live in the northwest and there are actually morons that believe Sasquatch exists. How stupid could you be. Usually, the types who confess they saw a Sasquatch are the same ones out in the woods taking magic mushrooms and dope smokers. You know, the type that also believe that magic crystals are the key to better health! So,I spend a lot more time in the woods than most. There would have been a game camera photo or a hunter shot one, or a semi truck hit one by now. How stupid are people. Well I digress, Biden is president, so that answer that. Where I live we have bears, I have already seen a black bear and her cub this spring. Looking forward to bear season in August. My choice is a 45-70.

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