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NRA-ILA | Oklahoma: Your Action Needed

Your NRA-ILA has learned that Majority Floor Leader Greg McCortney is refusing to bring the FIND Act, House Bill 3144, up for a vote in the Senate.  This is the last step before the measure heads to the Governor’s desk.  It is extremely important that you contact Senator McCortney at 405-521-5541 and urge him to bring this measure up for a vote immediately.

House Bill 3144 expands free enterprise by prohibiting companies that discriminate in the provision of their financial services against the firearm and ammunition industry, from entering into contracts with government entities in the state.  Some companies believe they are morally superior to the good people of Oklahoma, and HB 3144 ensures that they are prevented from benefitting from discriminatory practices.

According to industry surveys, nearly 75% of firearm industry members have been denied financial services solely because of their affiliation with the firearm industry. These practices also extend to businesses that sell hunting equipment, teach firearm safety courses, make gun safes, etc.

Again, please contact Senator Greg McCortney at 405-521-5541 and urge him to schedule House Bill 3144 for a vote in the Senate.

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