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Orange Energy Drink Mix (63 servings)


In order to survive the extraordinary and unexpected, it’s essential to stay HEALTHY and HYDRATED!

With the Ready Hour Orange Energy Drink Mix, you’ll be able to do both—and you’ll have the energy to push and power through the challenging conditions that may come your way.

Nutrition When You Need It Most

Vitamins A, C, and D are much-needed nutrients in our daily diets. Typically consumed through fruits and vegetables, they boost your immunity, provide you with protection against disease, and fill you with energy. 

If a disastrous event affects farmers’ crops, food transport, or grocery store access, where will you get these nutrients?

Having our Orange Energy Drink Mix on hand will supplement your vitamin intake, ensuring you always have energy and immunity when you really need it.

Boost Energy, Immunity, and Hydration QUICKLY and EASILY

With our Orange Energy Drink Mix, you can enjoy delicious hydration on demand! Packed with the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs each day, it’s a quick and easy solution to stay hydrated and boost your energy and immunity. 

For a refreshing and replenishing beverage, simply scoop up some mix and stir it into a cup of cold water! Serve it over ice for an even crisper and cooler taste.

This healthy and hydrating mix comes in a #10 can, giving you FIVE times more mix than you’d find at the grocery store. To prepare the complete 9,450-calorie can, all you need is 3.9 gallons of water. 

A Healthy Alternative to Energy Drinks

Not only is our Orange Energy Drink Mix an ideal energizing option in an emergency, it’s a healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. Filled with nutritional value, you can drink it daily without hurting your heart or experiencing an energy crash.

Plus, it’s tasty! Little ones will love guzzling down a glass of their own, getting the vitamins their growing bodies need (without even knowing it).

Safe to Drink for 30 YEARS

Packaged in a waterproof and pest-proof can, our Orange Energy Drink Mix is designed to stay safe against the elements, rodents, and other destructive forces for up to 30 years.*

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