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You Have to Respect the Greatest Generation

I know exactly what it is, and that’s thy I cannot use Glocks. Compare the angle of the grip to the barrel. When I pick up a Glock, and some others made the same way, having safed and cleared the gun put it in a two handed grip, drop to low ready, focus on some object a ways away at about eye level, then close my eyes.. wait a few seconds, then still closed, raise the gun to where I THINK the target is. Once I think I’m there, open my eyes. The Glock NEVER points very close to the target. M 1911, M 1926, Berretta, Springfied, Luger, the Ruger .22/45, all are almost automatically oin target before I open my eyes.

SO.. I am NOT Glock guy. I respect them wbut won’t volunterily carry one. Plenty of them out there that point natirally for ME. And since I’m the guy gonna be NEEDING it in a tight situation maybe one fine day, I’ll ONLY carry what I know works.

Guy in a good gun store taught me that when I was first wanting to get into handguns. He never was able to sell me a Glock but he DID in fact sell me quite a few OTHER ones that work well for me.

“fatness” of the grip is another issue, but on most handguns this can be changed by finding a different grip that works. The above mentioned ones also all had stock factory grips tht felt natural and “at home” straightaway. Good outta the box.

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