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SIG SAUER ‘Soft Launches’ the New P320 XTEN 10mm Pistol

SIG SAUER P320 XTEN 10mm pistol
Dan Z. for TTAG

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Yesterday was day one of SIG SAUER’s inaugural SIG Freedom Days event at the massive Ben Avery Shooting Sports Center north of Phoenix. SIG’s invited the public to pay one price and try out a lot of their most popular handguns (favorites like the P220 legion, the M18 and M18, P320 Spectre Comp, P365X and the new P322 and more). Long guns are well represented, too (MCX, Cross, MPX Copperhead, among others).

SIG SAUER Freedom Days

Discreetly tucked into the far end of the pistol range, way down by the new XM5 and XM250 next gen squad weapons, is a brand new pistol that hasn’t been announced yet.

SIG SAUER P320 XTEN 10mm pistol
Dan Z. for TTAG

The new SIG P320 XTEN is a 15+1 round 10mm pistol. Beyond that, SIG isn’t giving out many details yet. We talked to Phil Strader, SIG’s director of product managment, who didn’t want to give too many details about the new 10mm, but said they’ll officially announce it around May 15.

I put about ten rounds of JHP ammo through the XTEN. That’s not a lot, but it was enough to tell the grip isn’t as big as I expected and recoil was very manageable. More to come when we get specs and pricing toward the middle of the month.

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