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NRA Board Member Phil Journey’s ‘Restore the NRA’ Video Drops, Says LaPierre is ‘Plundering’ the NRA

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NRA Board Member Phil Journey shouldn’t expect a warm welcome from the loyal LaPierre faction that runs the National Rifle Association at this month’s NRA Convention in Houston. Certainly not after he dropped a video urging NRA members to reform the nation’s oldest civil rights organization from within as part of a “Restore the NRA” campaign. In the video, he doesn’t mince words, accusing Wayne LaPierre of “plundering” the association.

While we’ve certainly covered some of the financial scandals of the NRA involving LaPierre in the past few years, this Restore the NRA effort is new. What’s more, the slick video has attracted the attention of the New York Times.

Then again, should anyone really be surprised? After all, the Gray Lady will give anyone who’s attacking gun rights or the NRA plenty of column inches. The Times’ Danny Hakim tweeted the video . . .

Whether or not his tweet has been shadow banned or throttled in some way we can’t tell, but, as of this writing, it hadn’t drawn a single comment and only a dozen likes, indicating its circulation over the past 23 hours is limited at best.

So what is this Restore the NRA organization? From the website . . .

What is Restore the NRA?
Restore the NRA is an effort to ensure the National Rifle Association continues its mission with the highest integrity to effectively service and represent gun owners, sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts.  Restore the NRA is not a separate organization competing with the NRA.  Rather, it is a legal fund launched by Kansas District Court Judge and current NRA Board Member, Phil Journey, to accomplish two things:

      1. Restore the NRA has been fighting and will continue to fight efforts by New York Attorney General Letitia James and other anti-gun officials to dissolve, shut down, or severely limit the NRA from pursuing its mission and objectives and offering the services, programs and lobbying efforts millions of American gun owners and 2nd Amendment enthusiasts have come to rely upon.
      2. Restore the NRA is working to reform the NRA from the inside out.  The press has reported numerous stories regarding gross financial mismanagement, self-dealing by current officers, staff, and vendors, and a severe lack of transparency in the NRA’s fiscal operations.  Unfortunately, these reports appear to have legitimacy and have given opponents of the 2nd Amendment ammunition to attack and undermine the NRA and its mission.  Restore the NRA is asking a Manhattan (NY) court to appoint an independent conservator to, essentially, “clean house” and replace those responsible for this abuse with those who will place the interests of NRA’s millions of members over those who have, in recent years, turned it into a personal ATM.

A lot can happen between now and the Memorial Day weekend event in Houston.

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Of course, some of us from TTAG will be there. For now at least, it’ll be worth it to have some popcorn handy to see what happens between now and then. Especially if one reads the “news” section of the new Restore the NRA website.

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