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Things That Don’t Suck: Lingle Industries Lowers

I reviewed the APC9K sometime back and thoroughly enjoyed it. What I didn’t enjoy was the cost of the gun and the cost of its magazines. I know B&T makes GLOCK and P320 lowers, but I don’t care for pistol mags in my subguns/PCCs. I like real SMG mags, and that’s what lead me to Lingle Industries.

I’ve owned a Scorpion since they were released, and I read Nick’s review. I love the gun, and I love the mags. When I saw the opportunity to use Scorpion magazines in my B&T APC9K, I put a checkmark in the ‘win’ column. 

Scorpion magazines are cheap and plentiful. Magpul makes them, ETS makes them, Manticore Arms makes them, and obviously, the OEM options are everywhere. Currently, B&T is the only maker of APC9 mags, although KCI is releasing B&T mags soon. Even so, the APC9 doesn’t offer drum support, and finding various capacities and lengths can be tricky. 

A whole new lower makes my APC9K Scorpion magazine compatible (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The Lingle Lower and Why I love Scorpion Mags 

Lingle Industries graciously sent me a loaner lower to review. The APC9K upper is serialized so the lower can come right to my door. No FFL required. B&T uses polymer lowers for their guns, but like Lemmy and Motorhead, Lingle Industries is all about metal. These are machined aluminum lowers complete with a Cerakote finish.

They come stripped or complete. If you go stripped, you’ll need to install an AR-15 trigger group, safety, and AR pistol grip. Plus, you’ll need the B&T takedown pins. The Lingle lower is outfitted with a Strike Industries Scorpion magazine release, but you can change the release to any other on the market. Also, the lower comes outfitted with an ambidextrous bolt lock/release. 

The ambi controls are preserved with this lower (Travis Pike for TTAG)

The setup can function with most standard AR-15 triggers. People have fit standard AR-15 triggers into B&T lowers, but having a lower specifically designed for AR-15 triggers opens up a lot of doors to a very big market. 

The lower doesn’t just give me great magazine compatibility, but greater aftermarket compatibility as a whole for my B&T APC9K. 

I find the bolt release superior on the APC9K (Travis Pike for TTAG)

They specifically caution against using FRT-15 or binary triggers. Keep it standard for functionality purposes. Although, the FRT-15 in this thing would be a ton of fun. This model has a Magpul grip and ambidextrous, short-throw safety. 

Does It Work? 

Yep, and it works with CZ mags, Magpul mags, and ETS mags. This includes the Magpul D50 drum. I had nary an issue at the range running a multitude of drills. Even with hard-primered craptastic ammo, the gun went bang.

What challenged me most was remembering the Scorpion manual of arms versus the B&T manual of arms for reloads. I’d reach for a button instead of pressing a lever. Once I got into the groove, all the trigger time on a Scorpion paid off, and I was fairly fast on the reload.

B&T Mags are great, but are expensive (Travis Pike for TTAG)

A few things with the Lingle Industries lower helps as well. The magwell is gloriously flared for fast reloads. Just rip, stick, and it’ll find its way in. The Scorpion mags drop free without resistance, and the reach to the magazine release is short. 

While it comes with a Strike Industries rleease you can swap it for any other Scorpion release

You can easily grip and rip the magazine for a reload with retention or emergency reload. I also found myself preferring the bolt release on this lower versus the standard bolt release on the APC9K. It’s a little wider and easier to engage. Although, to me, the fastest reloads were done with the charging handle. 

I’d go far as to say that I can reload the Lingle lower with a Scorpion mag faster than I can reload the APC9K lower. Although, I’ve got years of experience with the Scorpion design, so that likely plays a part. 

Getting Low 

The Lingle lower installs without any issues. It’s just like installing any lower receiver to any AR-15  design. If you have half your fingers and a quarter of a brain, you’ll figure it out. The complete lower runs around $535, and stripped lowers will run you $360. 

A number of aftermarket companies make Scorpion mags (Travis Pike for TTAG)

I’d be remiss not to mention the other lowers they make. They make a Scorpion lower for the Stribog that’s worth a look, too. Also, if you have a Bren 2 in 7.62×39 and want to use AK mags, they have you covered with their Bren 2 lower. 

Lingle Industries seems to be fairly small, but they are innovative and seemingly fearless. In the time between looking at their lowers and writing this, they’ve sold out, so if it interests you, I’d get on the waiting list soon. They don’t seem to stick around for long. 


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