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Anti-Gunners Hopping Mad After Donald Trump, Jr Ruins Easter With a Pic of Armed Easter Bunnies

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Donald Trump Jr was derided by Democrats and Christians alike after he posted an image of gun-wielding Easter bunnies on Instagram on “the holiest day”. …

It shows three people dressed in bunny costumes and military gear, with one of the Easter bunnies holding a rifle, and at least one another with a weapon.

On Twitter, dozens of social media users called out Mr Trump Jr for sharing the image amid three mass shootings in Pennsylvania and South Carolina, which injured 31 people. …

“There were three mass shootings this weekend, and junior posts this meme,” wrote one enraged Twitter user of the Mr Trump Jr Instagram post. “Isn’t this supposed to be the holiest of days?,” another user wrote. “It’s a sickness”.

Others mocked mocked Mr Trump Jr for his apparent obsession with the Second Amendment by writing: “These people make guns their whole personality, but on a day like this is just crazy!”

“How to give kids nightmares. Really, leave it to conservatives to take something innocent and joyful and turn it into something with all the joy of the Inquisition,” added another user on Twitter.

– Gino Spocchia in Don Jr Mocked Over Instagram Post of Gun-toting Easter Bunnies

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