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Gun Meme of the Day: I’m Somewhat of a Nobody Myself Edition

Nobody needs a 400 or more HP vehicle. We could all get by with 37HP VW bugs, or model T Fords. Nobody needs a 1500SQ FT 3 bed, 2 bath home. We could all get by with a thatched roof cottage with 2 rooms. Nobody needs a 40 Ft or longer yacht. They could get by with a 12 Ft row boat.
Sorry, but it isn’t the Bill of Needs, or the Bill of what’s approved by government.
The idiots just don’t get it. Whether it be a single shot smooth bore musket, or a fully automatic heavy machine gun, no gun has fired a shot without human intervention.
Funny thing is, the so called “Weapons of War” the idiots want to ban, that I own, have never been issued to any military. But, several of the antique, or collectable firearms I own, may very well have actually been used in combat. But, since they aren’t 1 of those scary black guns, etc. They are acceptable.
Strange how my Glock is scary, but was purchased new, while my Colt 1911 was military surplus with the government marking on it, is fine. My AR 15 was purchased new, while my Springfield ’03A3 was an issued military rifle.

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