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Sacramento Gang Shootout Is Just the Incentive California’s Legislature Needs to Pile Still More Restrictions on Law-Abiding Gun Owners

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The shooting prompted national and state leaders to issue familiar calls for stronger gun control measures. 

Sen. [Robert] Hertzberg’s bill is conditional on the Texas abortion law remaining valid and not struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court. 

The bill is part of a larger legislative package touted by Gov. [Gavin] Newsom, which includes legislation prohibiting the marketing of firearms to minors, adding further restrictions on ghost guns and allowing individuals to sue gun manufacturers and sellers for harm caused by the products. 

“[Last] week’s unconscionable act of gun violence is a tragic reminder of the lives that are at stake in this crisis that endangers communities across the country,” Gov. Newsom, who is out of the country, said in a statement. 

Sam Paredes, the longtime executive director of the pro-gun Gun Owners of California organization, said lawmakers’ focus should be on “crime control” as opposed to gun control. 

“As long as you continue to put all of your attention and emphasis on some sort of agenda of gun control, we are going to continue to experience these types of horrific events,” Mr. Paredes told the News-Press. “All of the laws that are proposed on gun control only affect law-abiding citizens; they don’t affect criminals at all. 

“By definition, they’re criminals and don’t obey the law. It was an illegal act to shoot people; it was a criminal act to steal the gun that was used at the shooting; it was a criminal act to do a drive-by. All of those things are crimes, and the laws don’t prevent them from happening.” 

— Kaitlyn Schallhorn in California Senate Advances Gun Bill

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