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74-Year-Old ‘Lurch’ Says He Shot a Teenage Home Invader Multiple Times

Burglar home invasion door break-in

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The homeowner, who asked to be identified by his nickname of “Lurch,” told FOX 8 Cleveland the home invasion happened around 7:30 in the morning March 29. He said he opened fire when the teen came crashing through his front glass door. 

The hurt teen rolled down the steps to the basement, where he allegedly grabbed a shovel.

“I shot him again,” Lurch said. He then kept an eye on the intruder until police arrived. “As far as I know, I hit him three times.” The suspect is reportedly 16 years old. …

Lurch believes the teen may have chosen his home because his truck is currently in the shop, instead of in the driveway like it usually is. 

“Fooled him, didn’t I?” Lurch asked as he laughed.

— Pilar Arias in 74-year-old Ohio Man Who Sleeps Near Gun Shoots Teenage Home Intruder: ‘I Shot Him Again’

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