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Oak Forest, IL Gun Store Refused to Sell Ammo to Woman Before She Opened Fire on Police

Eagles Sports Range
Courtesy Eagle Sports Range

A woman walked into Eagle Sports Range in Oak Forest, Illinois Sunday morning in Chicago’s south suburbs. She wanted to buy a box of 9mm ammo, but the Eagle Sports clerk didn’t like the way she was acting.

She seemed upset and she was acting “suspiciously.” As CBS Chicago reports . . .

…she was on the phone, seemed very agitated and unholstered her gun on a few occasions, which also made them uncomfortable.

Yeah, that will do it. Based on her behavior . . .

Employees refused to sell [the ammunition] to her because of the suspicious way she was acting. That’s the store policy. Eagle Sports Range in Oak Forest confirmed that Wilson came in around 10:00 a.m.

She then left the store and, a short time later, crashed her car and then opened fire on police officers in a nearby grocery store.

Officials say just before noon Ketura Wilson, 21, fled from police who responded to a call of a driver in distress. Illinois State Police say Oak Forest Police officers attempted to take Wilson to the hospital for a mental health evaluation. 

She ran from the accident to a barbershop and then towards the Food 4 Less supermarket where she later died. 

The gun store’s manager says his employees did exactly what they’ve been taught to do.

A since-deleted Facebook Live video from a public Facebook account shows Wilson inside the store fighting with employees who tell her they do not feel comfortable selling her ammunition because of the strange way that she was acting. Ali Abdallah, Manager of Eagle Sports Range, said he was proud of his employees.

“I really am. I really am. When we do something like that, we’re known to push a little more training. We did the right thing and we hope everyone else does the right thing, too,” Abdallah said.


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