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ILA | California: Senate Judiciary Hearing Bill to Use Gun Owners as Political Pawns

Today, at 1:30PM, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hear Senate Bill 1327. Introduced by Senator Robert Hertzberg (D-18), it creates a private right of action that allows individuals to file civil suits against anyone who manufactures, distributes, transports, sells, or imports firearms banned in California, as well as precursor firearm parts. Current law allows for remedies for illegal activities by firearm dealers and manufacturers. The language contained in this bill, along with the rhetoric surrounding it, betrays the political purpose of its sponsors. The bill is aimed at using the gun issue as a political football, making clear that the legislation would become inoperative should the U.S. Supreme Court overturn Texas’s recently passed abortion law or if that law is repealed by the Texas Legislature. ​

Please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE SB 1327.

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