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Ammunition Depot Has Plenty of US Cartridge CleanBarrel Ammo In Stock Now!

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Ammunition Depot has a great selection of US Cartridge 9mm ammo in stock — right now — in a range of bullet types and weights at prices as low as $.37 a round*.

US Cartridge CleanBarrel ammunition is made right here in the United States by skilled technicians who love to shoot as much as you do. Each batch of newly-made ammunition faces strict quality control mechanisms and inspections to ensure the final product is consistent and reliable.

US Cartridge’s proprietary bronze-colored polymer coated ammo is factory new, in reloadable brass casings and loaded with a tightly controlled polymer-coated bullet. It’s ideal for training and range work.

The CleanBarrel polymer coating keeps your barrel free of metallic build-up and is much less abrasive compared to metal-coated rounds. That can extend the life of your barrel. With no copper jacket, US Cartridge’s polymer coating is also easier on target and means less risk of splash back with shooting at steel.

Whether you’re looking for polymer coated, FMJ, or even Hornady XTP 9mm rounds, Ammunition Depot has the US Cartridge ammo you’re looking for in stock now and at great prices.


* Pricing subject to change.

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