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You Do What You Have To When Have To Do It

“…remember last week when that poll came out showing half of democrats won’t even fight to defend America if attacked? If that’s not a damning indictment of universal suffrage, then I don’t know what is.”

The ‘Great Awakening’ (much, much different than the Leftist Scum concept of being ‘woke’) is already starting to happen, thanks primarily to the immigrants from Central and South America.

The adults of that generation were kids when groups like ‘Shining Path’ were in their heyday, and they want *zero* part of that bullshit. It’s apparent in places like south Texas, near the border, where until recently, they were a solid, reliable vote for the democrats.

If you look at the voting trends, around 2012 is when the tide really started to turn against them, but they blew it off as an anomality. (A lot of them still believe that!)

This is an opportunity to drive a hard wedge between the Latino vote and their Marxist masters in Washington if we play it right.

I envision a political ad along these lines :

{ A middle-age ethnic South or Central American}

“Hello. My name is (this). My family came to North America as a result of groups like ‘Shining Path’ disappearing my family members, only to be found later executed.

America, please listen to me. We never would have voted for those Marxists back then in the first place if we knew who they really are.

They came for my country, and we foolishly handed it to them, believing their pretty lies. I beg of you, don’t let that happen to America.”

While she’s speaking, images of Shining Path atrocities are in the background.

The same theme will work with the Russian immigrants that managed to escape the ‘Iron Curtain’.

These people are a powerful weapon to use on the Leftist Scum…

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