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Factory Visit: Icarus Precision Takes the SIG FCU To The Next Level

Icarus Precision
Icarus Precision Grip module before and after (Photo: Graham Baates)

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When the modular SIG P320 and P365 were launched they touted a chassis-like system for the fire control groups. Others like Grand Power had been using this construction style for years to improve longevity and trigger feel consistency, but SIG managed to make the FCU the serialized part recognized by the ATF as the legal “firearm.”

This opened up a world of possibilities. Other manufacturers like SCCY and Honor Guard did the same, but the modularity never went much beyond the same grip modules being offered in different colors. With the size and heft of SIG SAUER behind it we finally got modular handgun systems with the P320 and P365, thanks increasingly to the aftermarket.

What it took for more than “now available in insert-color-here” was aftermarket support. Independent companies willing to risk the R&D resources to make something truly different. Icarus Precision is one such company and is not only making grip modules with different options and ergonomics than OEM, but also making them of billet aluminum.

The Icarus Precision take on a magazine well extends the grip, but still permits access to strip a magazine if needed. (Photo: Graham Baates)

While working on an article for the May/June ’22 issue of Combat Handguns Magazine I got to experience just how different my SIG P365XL could be by mixing in different aftermarket parts. The goal of that build was to tame some of the snappiness handy micro-compacts can have. I fell in love with the Icarus Precision frame and after finishing the article felt a need to explore more.

As it turns out Icarus is located in Washington State within range of an easy day trip, so I arranged a visit to see more and learn about their process. Check out my interview with Travis of Icarus Precision below . . .

What started out as an experiment has turned into a full-time business turning out functional art. Beginning with personal preference, adding in requests and feedback from members of the Special Ops community, and then refining it all with customer feedback, Icarus is now producing a wide variety of grip modules offering enhancements from mild to wild.

Some of Icarus Precision’s P320 grip module options

What’s It Good For?

With seven options for P320 FCUs and five for the P365 family, Icarus has a billet-aluminum grip module for just about any taste. Options range from basic to fully tricked out. That is to say from an aluminum near-clone of the plastic grip than came with your gun all the way to double-undercut trigger guards, flipped beaver tails, and grip geometry.  They mimic OEM, featuring different contours, or mimic the oddly-comfortable squareness of a 2011. How about a thumb rest for your support hand, the proverbial “gas pedal” for shooting fast? They do those, too.

For me the biggest improvements to my 365XL came from a combination of a few features. First was the double undercut of the trigger guard. This simple modification permits a higher support-hand grip. The logical improvement was the addition of a Picatinny rail. Now the only restriction to what attachments the little pistol can carry is space.

I’ve reached out to USA Today regarding their famous chainsaw attachment to see if I could find one small enough for the SIG, but no luck so far. Maybe a mini electric knife would fit.

An unseen benefit to an aluminum grip module is the added weight. The aluminum Icarus module doesn’t add much weight over SIG’s polymer, but it’s there. The end result is a gun that feels more willing to remain in the hand, shot after shot.

Is It Worth It?

At the time of this article’s composition prices range from $250-$425 for an Icarus grip module. One way to look at that is it’s most of the cost for a complete P365 or P320. The other way to look at it is as a complete makeover of how your existing gun looks and handles.

These aren’t made of plastic squirted into molds. They’re machined from billet aluminum and include contours, lines, and features not found in the OEM polymer grips. In my experience, if your P320 or P365 is a gun you currently spend a lot of range time with, or one you want to spend more range time with, the cost for the upgrade is absolutely worth it.

What Does SIG Think?

A shop in Washington State reverse-engineered the SIG FCU’s cut and then re-engineered the grip module from scratch while also adding in a multitude of options and improvements. What does SIG think about that?

I’d say they like it just fine, considering you can find Icarus Precision grip modules now in the SIG Custom Works P320 configurator. It’s also been said that more than a couple instructors at the SIG Academy are using Icarus Precision grip modules on their personal guns. Those seem to be strong endorsements.

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