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Woman Shoots Ex-Boyfriend Who Was Holding a Gun to Her Current Boyfriend’s Head

You can’t beat a girl who shoots. Especially a momma bear with three young cubs. A big, bad wolf learned that the hard way after he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s Las Vegas residence in the dead of night. In the end, she ended the attack by shooting her ex dead right there as he held her new boyfriend hostage.

The woman accessed her gun and told the violent ex-lover to leave. He reluctantly did, only to return with his own gun and an unhealthy dose of rage. Somehow he managed to get the woman’s new boyfriend in a headlock and held a gun to his head, and the woman ended the standoff. Permanently.

Las Vegas Metro Police. Via Twitter.

The Las Vegas Metro Police investigated and believe that the woman acted in self-defense. The Las Vegas Sun has more details . . .

Metro Police say a woman fatally shot her ex-boyfriend Wednesday as he held a gun to the head of her current boyfriend after breaking into the woman’s home.

Police Lt. Ray Spencer said preliminary information indicates the woman acted in self-defense.

Spencer said the woman, her current boyfriend and her three young children were in the home at about 4:30 a.m. when the woman called 911 as her former boyfriend smashed windows to gain entry into the home. The incident occurred on Seasons Avenue between Pecos Road and Eastern Avenue, near the I-215 Beltway.

Spencer said the woman had a gun, prompting the ex-boyfriend to leave the home before returning moments later with a gun of his own.

According to Spencer, the woman then shot the ex-boyfriend when he put his gun to the head of her current boyfriend.

Well done, ma’am. We’re glad you survived (and that you didn’t miss).

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