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A History of Failure: LA Armed Robberies Up 57% Despite Dozens of Gun Control Laws

Gavin Newsom,Eric Garcetti
Mayor Eric Garcetti (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes, File)

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California’s gun control schemes have earned it the title of #1 state for “gun law strength” from Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety Control. The political leaders elected by the political masochists in the not-so-Golden State have assured residents time and again that those gun control laws will keep them safe. Unfortunately, in Los Angeles, armed robberies involving firearms are up 57% from 2020.

But how could that possibly be? After all, California has enacted countless laws and schemes that infringe on the state’s law-abiding gun-owners’ rights…all in the name of “public safety.”

Examples, you ask? Sure! How about a ban on private gun transfers, scary-looking gun bans, and standard capacity magazine bans. How about gun rationing laws, red flag laws, bans on firearms in schools and universities, and gun storage requirement laws. Approved firearm lists limit the makes and models available for purchase to a fraction of those available in the rest of the country. Then there’s the 10-day waiting period and background checks…even on ammunition purchases. And California was the first to enact a red flag law, too.

Had enough? California’s legislature sure hasn’t. They’ve also permitted their counties to freely discriminate against carry license applicants.

Not only that, but the more populated counties in the state effectively won’t issue carry permits unless you’re connected, ultra-rich or an A-list celebrity. If you’re a poor or working class Joe or Jane Sixpack, you can forget about getting a carry license to protect yourself or your family. The prohibition applies even if you’re a member of an extra-protected class like women, gays, minorities, or even illegal aliens.

Breitbart has the story . . .

LAPD Chief Michael Moore says robberies with a gun in Los Angeles are “up 44 percent from 2021” and “up 57 percent from 2020.”

CBS Los Angeles reports Moore also indicated “Robberies with a firearm account for 36% of all robberies, and accounts for 74% of the city’s year-to-date total robbery increase.”

Moore said, “There’s been a marked increase of armed robberies involving victims wearing expensive jewelry, as well as just other individuals whether they’re at commercial stores such as mini markets, convenience stores, gas stations, or on the street.”

It’s almost as if with more gun control comes more crime. Who would have thought that?

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