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HAVE IT YOUR WAY: Burger King Employee Shoots At Customer Who Tossed Mayonnaise At Her

Image by Boch via YouTube.

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Shateasha Hicks didn’t get the “have it your way” memo when she started working at a Burger King in Miami. Cops say the 30-year-old employee took it personally when a customer tossed a mayonnaise packet at her last week. In fact, she believed her life to be in such imminent danger that she went outside, retrieved a gun from her car, and then fired off five rounds as the now mayo-less customer drove away.

Instead of sticking around to speak with police, she drove away herself, ditched her car near her residence and disappeared to parts unknown.

Shateasha Hicks. Don’t call her ‘Shat’ for short. Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.

Miami cops caught up with Ms. Hicks the next day at her residence and took her into custody on a single charge of discharging a firearm in public. Meanwhile, the media went to the same residence where they spoke with Hicks’ aunt who assured them that Shateasha acted in self-defense.

The reporter speaks to Shateasha Hicks’ auntie. Screen capture by Boch via YouTube.”She was there. She was protecting herself. I don’t blame her. Everybody else might, but I don’t,” Hicks’ self-described aunt told the reporter.

In Hicks’ defense, a witness said the customer was making faces at her, further aggravating the situation. “And that just set her off,” the witness helpfully added.

Fair warning, while the video is safe for work, it’s not safe to consume beverages while watching.

Here’s the story, from MSN News:

An incident occurred at around 4 p.m. on Thursday when a customer came through the drive-thru of a Burger King in northwest Miami-Dade. Local station WPLG reported that witnesses saw the employee, identified by police as 30-year-old Shateasha Hicks, arguing with the customer.

The customer allegedly threw mayonnaise back at Hicks before driving off.

Witnesses then recount to WPLG that Hicks was seen running out of the restaurant to her car, before pulling out a gun and shooting at the customer’s car as it drove away. Police said she shot a total of five rounds.

Roughly 48-hours after her arrest, Hicks was released on bond.

Clearly Ms. Hicks has no clue about the judicious use of deadly force. Sadly, I know a lot of other gun owners aren’t as knowledgeable about the law of self-defense as they should be, either. For those looking to learn more, here’s a primer.

After all, we carry a gun to make us harder to kill. Knowing the law, as Andrew Branca likes to tell us, makes us harder to convict.

As for Burger King, MSN News helpfully offered a short summary of mayhem involving perforated people at their restaurants recently. It seems people shooting guns at Burger Kings happens with alarming regularity.

Unfortunately, a few of these fast-food restaurant incidents have ended in casualties. In January, a teenage employee at a Burger King in East Harlem was shot and killed during an armed burglary.

In the same month, another teen was shot and killed during an attempted armed burglary of another Burger King in Milwaukee. Authorities believed that the 16-year-old employee was involved in staging the robbery that ultimately ended her life.

In Wisconsin, two sisters are facing homicide charges for allegedly shooting a restaurant server in the face in January following an argument over food service.

Seems “have it your way” means something entirely different to some folks. Why is it this stuff never seems to happen at Chick-fil-A?

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