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ILA | California: Fee Hikes and Privacy Invasions to Be Heard in Committee Next Week

Next week, three separate policy committees will hear firearmrelated bills as they move along the legislative process. Please use the “Take Action” buttons below to contact committee members and get involved in protecting our Second Amendment rights in California.

Assembly Public Safety Committee at 9:00AM on March 22nd

Pro-gun Assembly Bill 2033, introduced by Assembly Member Thurston Smith (R-33), extends the duration that a California concealed firearm license is valid, from two years up to five years. This legislation helps ease the administrative burden on the issuing authorities while simultaneously easing the financial strain on permit holders. 

Please click this button to ask the Assembly Public Safety Committee to SUPPORT AB 2033.

Senate Public Safety Committee at 1:30PM on March 22nd

Senate Bill 918, introduced by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25), increases the fee on eligibility checks for precursor firearm parts and ammunition sales. While consumers who pay for basic eligibility checks on ammunition currently, and precursor parts beginning July 1st, won’t notice a price hike, they should. This is because CA DOJ has been charging above the statutory maximum for more than two years as a result of their efforts to utilize creative legislative drafting to raise the cost of background checks on firearm transfers. While CA DOJ continues to overcharge consumers, they are utilizing this legislation to authorize the current, and unlawful, fee structure.

Please click this button to ask the Senate Public Safety Committee to OPPOSE SB 918.

Senate Education Committee at 9:00AM on March 23rd

Senate Bill 906, introduced by Senator Anthony Portantino (D-25), makes it mandatory that parents of students disclose firearm ownership status to the schools their children attend, including how they are stored. It requires that these questions be placed on the forms used to register or enroll students, and these forms may be made available to law-enforcement under certain conditions. This is one more attack on the law-abiding citizens of California, amounting to a major invasion of privacy and potential harassment. 

Please click this button to ask the Senate Education Committee to OPPOSE SB 906.

On March 15thAssembly Bill 1869 failed to pass the Assembly Public Safety Committee, but it has been granted reconsideration. AB 1869 increases penalties for violating California’s law on serializing home-built firearms and buying, disposing, possessing, etc., any firearm with the manufacturer name, model designation, or serial number altered or obliterated, from misdemeanors to felonies. The existing California law already goes above and beyond federal law in regulating markings on firearms. These penalties are for mere possession, which can cause otherwise law-abiding citizens, without any criminal intent, to permanently lose their Second Amendment rights. NRA will keep you updated on AB 1869.

Again, please click the buttons above to contact the committees and make your voice heard.

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