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You Know Who Else Wears Masks? [VIDEO]

Image by D.V. Used with permission.

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Illinois residents along with other deep blue states have faced mask mandates for almost two years now. Obviously compliance has varied widely by geography and by location. It’s also evolved into furious virtue signaling by some.

One group who eagerly embraced masks didn’t really care about any purported health benefits of masking or virtue signaling. And now that almost all of the mandates have been dropped by politicians who can see which way the political winds are blowing, things have changed.

That small subset of mask wearers — violent criminals — will likely continue to use them. Bad guys will wear masks not to protect them from infection, but from cameras and witnesses. And given that a significant percentage of people in higher crime regions of the nation still wear masks, bad guys know that wearing a mask won’t attract any undue attention from most folks.

Home invaders wearing facemasks strike.

A pair of home invaders outside a residence in Arlington Heights back in April 2020. One of the pair was killed by the homeowner.

Or these guys, one of which shot himself with a negligent discharge.

Be wary of those who still wear masks and are acting in a manner outside the baseline of normalcy for their environment. Worries about the Wuhan flu may be the last of their reasons for covering their faces.

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