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NPR Public Radio in Kansas City: Gun Owners Are Racists

In a shameful piece of race-baiting bigotry, NPR radio in Kansas City touted a study conducted by an associate professor of political science. In it, Professor Don Haider-Markel (he/him/his) completely ignores the racist roots of gun control laws to instead claim that it’s gun owners who are racists, not the politicians who support racist, classist, and sexist gun control.

The junk-science professor conducted a study that purports to show that gun owners became less inclined to support freedom and gun rights for all when shown a picture of a “dark-skinned” person pointing a gun at them.

From KCUR:

A University of Kansas study shows that, when threatened with a firearm, gun owners’ opinions of gun regulations can change.

Firearm purchases have been at record levels in recent years, as Americans continue to battle over imposing stricter gun laws. Stereotypes of Second Amendment advocates suggest an unwillingness to budge on gun regulations, but research conducted by University of Kansas professors shows that gun owners can be swayed when presented with a firearms threat.

In the study conducted by political science professor Don Haider-Markel, gun owners and non-gun owners were shown a picture of a dark-skinned person pointing a firearm at them, resulting in some gun owners being less supportive of broad gun rights.

“I think it just overall shows you that gun attitudes are not as rigid as some people tend to think, and that there’s room for movement on gun regulation,” Haidar-Markel said.

Who is Professor Don Haider-Markel?

Well, he’s a political science professor at the University of Kansas. Last January he was touting the release of his “seminal project, the Encyclopedia of LGBT Politics and Policy with Oxford University Press (OUP).

Don Haider-Markel. Courtesy University of Kansas.

His bio at Rainbow Kids” reads:

Don Haider-Markel (he/him/his) is Professor of political science at the University of Kansas. His research and teaching is focused on the representation of group interests in politics and policy, and the dynamics between public opinion, political behavior, and public policy. He has more than 20 years of experience in survey research, interviews, and in policy studies. He has authored or co-authored several books, over 80 refereed articles, and more than a dozen book chapters in a range of issue areas, including LGBTQ civil rights.

We know National Public Radio is no supporter of gun rights for all Americans, instead mocking and belittling gun owners, making baseless claims of how those with gun “complicate” things for police, and opting to support racist, classist, and sexist gun control.  But why is it that NPR is so obsessed with racism? 


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