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Richland County, South Carolina Juveniles Shoot Back, Killing Armed Home Invader

Teach your kids how to use defensive firearms. Image by Boch.

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Just as prudent parents teach their kids how to swim at a young age, folks should teach responsible children and grandchildren how to use a gun safely. Because someday, they might need that gun to save their lives.

In Richland County, South Carolina, a home invasion at an apartment complex saw a pair of juveniles forced to shoot back at an armed intruder who shot at them first. The armed home invader broke into the occupied apartment. Initially the residents hid. But the intruder soon discovered them and opened fire on them.

The kids fired back and their shots found their mark. When it was all over, cops found Keonte Smith, 17, dead right there in the apartment. Prosecutors have ruled the homicide justified.

WLTX has the story . . .

A recent homicide at a Columbia apartment complex has been determined to be justified after a man tried to break into an apartment and was shot by a juvenile, according to the Richland County Sheriff’s Department.

On Sunday, February 6, around 5 p.m., deputies responded to Gable Hill Apartments on Ross Road after receiving reports of an unresponsive man. 
Upon their arrival, deputies say they found a man inside of an apartment who was deceased. He appeared to have a gunshot wound to the upper body and evidence of a shooting was observed in the apartment, according to investigators.

During the investigation, deputies say they discovered that two juveniles were at home when they saw a man trying to break in. The juveniles hid but when the man entered the apartment, he fired at them. Deputies say one of the juveniles shot back with a weapon that was in the home and struck the intruder.

The local sheriff tried to spin the dead home invader as somehow a random victim of senseless “gun violence” . . .

“We continue to lose young people to gun violence,” Richland County Sheriff Leon said.

No, Sheriff Leon. This wasn’t a case of so-called “gun violence.” This case involved the use of a gun by responsible good guys to save two innocent lives from a homicidal criminal.

And for that, we salute those young Americans who defended their lives from a violent criminal attack as our Defensive Gun Use of the Day.

Image by Boch.

This incident also shows the importance of teaching young people how to use a defensive firearm. After all, the life they save might be yours. Or their own.

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