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DON’T WAIT UNTIL IT’S TOO LATE: Buy Guns, Prepare & Get Trained To Defend Yourself and Your Family

Ukraine The Resistance
An instructor shows how to use weapons to a group of women during training in Kharkiv, Ukraine. (AP Photo/Evgeniy Maloletka)

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Some folks think bad things will never happen in their city or neighborhood. When they see news of violent crime, for the most part, they perceive that it always happens to someone else. It’s is a psychological defense mechanism. But when the mob arrives in your town or neighborhood, that’s a pretty poor time to put together a plan to defend your home and family.

Yes, the government of Ukraine opened the armories in the days just before the Russians invaded to give its citizens guns, not Twitter accounts, so they had a fighting chance against the invaders. No doubt plenty of that nation’s citizens probably wish their government had made it much easier for civilians to own guns in defense of their homes and their nation before the Russkies’ uninvited visit.

Civilian Members of a territorial defense unit fit their weapons to repel the Russian attacking forces in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 26, 2022. Russian troops stormed toward Ukraine’s capital Saturday, and street fighting broke out as city officials urged residents to take shelter. (AP Photo/Mikhail Palinchak)

Unlike neighboring Ukraine, the Russians are highly unlikely to invade the continental United States. Remote parts of Alaska? Maybe. The continental US? That’s just not going to happen.

However, just because the Russians aren’t coming doesn’t mean America is a peaceful utopia. Look no further than Chicago or other big cities for examples of rampant violent crime. Yes, much of it is gang-related, but that doesn’t mean innocent people don’t get victimized.

Not only does violent crime happen, but so do burning, looting, and murdering riots “mostly peaceful” protests. After what happened in the summer of 2020, does anyone think for a minute that Democrat-run, deep blue cities can’t rerun the “Summer of Love” and we all saw in 2020 if Joe Biden or Kamala Harris (or enter candidate here ______) loses the 2024 elections? That seems likely.

Learn the lesson Ukrainians are learning the hard way. Don’t wait until mobs knock on your front door — maybe using a patio table as an improvised battering ram– to decide it’s a good time to become a gun owner.

Don’t wait until a feral mob surrounds your car and starts breaking out windows, with the likely intention of breaking you and your family, before deciding that you should have bought a gun instead of that new driver to improve your golf game.

Don’t live in fear and angst, worrying what will happen if police are overwhelmed in event of fiery but peaceful demonstrations, and are unable to maintain order and respond to 911 calls.

And if you really believe America is overrun with racist rednecks who want to put LGBTQ+ people (or pick another minority demographic) in internment camps prior to exterminating them, why would you not buy a gun and learn to be a hard target?

You don’t have to live life as a helpless, defenseless victim-in-waiting. Unlike Ukrainians, you don’t have to wait for the government to arm you.

Buy a gun. Learn to use it.

Concealed carry

If you live in a state with concealed carry licensing, apply for a permit today, not when unrest is imminent and mobs are forming. You can practice carrying legally by concealing it on your person in your home while you wait for Mr. Mailman to bring your license in the mail. Get acclimated to having that extra weight on your hip and how to keep it concealed to the casual observer. Once your license arrives, it’s time to start carrying in public.

First though, get some concealed carry insurance. US Law Shield has a great product (I’m a dues-paying member). Others to consider include Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network (also a member) and USCCA. Pick a company and get covered.

Armed Citizens has a wonderful little booklet you can download titled, “What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law.Download it. Read it. Live it. You carry a gun to make yourself harder to victimize and kill. You should get training on self-defense law to make yourself harder to convict in the aftermath of an incident.

For those who are fortunate enough to live in “constitutional carry” states, you don’t need to wait for the blessing of government bureaucrats to strap on your mohaska and practice carrying.  After all, I t takes some time and some repetitions for you to “forget” you’re wearing a gun. You may have to try two or three different holsters, but find one that’s comfortable enough so you’ll wear it everyday without discomfort.

Furthermore, don’t rely on lady luck to survive a deadly force encounter. Seek in-person training to learn situational awareness and conflict avoidance, and should that fail, how to use other tools to make yourself harder to victimize. Do it so you can better defend your loved ones as well.

As an instructor for nearly 25 years, I’ve seen exactly one self-trained individual who had excellent skill sets, both in safety and competent firearm handling. (Here’s looking at you, Eli.)

handgun shooting range practice pistol training
[CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Skills in firearm manipulation, marksmanship and tactics aren’t absorbed through osmosis or the issuance of a man-card. You can’t buy competence off a shelf on aisle 14 of your local Bass Pro or Cabelas.

The great thing about learning life skills with firearms (or edged weapons, or empty-handed tactics like Krav Maga or BJJ) is that you’ll meet some of the best people there, both among the trainers and your fellow students. You can potentially form friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

A whole lot of people in the Ukraine have lived their lives never dreaming the Russian military would invade their nation and break things and kill people again. Obviously Ukrainians old enough to remember the Holodomor of 1932-1933 (where tens of thousands died each day of starvation at the hands of the Soviets) have died.

In the days and weeks prior to Putin’s invasion, some of them were preparing to defend their homes, neighborhoods, cities and nation against foreign attackers.

Now that the invasion is in full swing, the only skill-building available is on-the-job training. And when it comes to deadly conflict, there’s a pretty high price to be paid for rookie mistakes.

Fortunately, your town or city isn’t Kyiv. But that doesn’t mean you should live with your head in the sand.

Empower yourself. Learn life skills now to make you and your family harder targets to victimize. Buy a gun. Buy lots of guns. Buy ammunition (no, it’s still not cheap, but it’s available). Learn how to use them. Let’s hope we never face a situation like what Ukrainians are facing and only have to concern ourselves with personal defense.


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