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ILA | Arizona: House Passes Pro-Gun Bills

This week, the Arizona House took action on a number of pro-gun bills, passing four off the floor, which will now move to the Senate for further consideration.

House Bill 2166 exempts firearms and firearm safety equipment, such as gun safes and gun locks, from state transaction privilege and use taxes. This recognizes that the government should not be placing additional cost barriers on citizens who wish to exercise their Second Amendment rights, and who wish to safely store their firearms.

House Bill 2316 expands areas where concealed carry permit holders can lawfully carry concealed firearms, to include certain public establishments and events.

House Bill 2448 requires school districts to offer age-appropriate firearm safety instruction to students in grades six through twelve. This legislation will help empower youths with this basic knowledge of respecting firearms “from a qualified individual with a focus on safety rather than from popular culture and various forms of media.”

House Bill 2473 prohibits public entities from entering into contracts worth $100,000 or greater with businesses, unless they certify that they do not discriminate against firearm businesses. Anti-gun banks and their executives have expressed interest in denying services to the firearm industry as a way to further their political agenda and impose gun control by making such business impossible when legislatures won’t bend to their will. Banks should evaluate firearm businesses like any other business and consider financial risk, rather than ideology, in their decisions on providing services. This ensures that Arizona taxpayer money does not go to such businesses.

Unfortunately, House Bill 2489 failed to pass by one vote when the House reconsidered it. HB 2489 would have created a Provisional Concealed Weapons Permit for adults aged 18-20 years old, to ensure that they are not deprived of their right to self-defense.

NRA will keep you updated as these bills receive committee assignments in the Senate. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.​

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