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Happy Second Amendment Day from Brownells, FPC, ASA and SAF

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As we noted earlier, Brownells, along with the Firearms Policy Coalition, American Suppressor Association and the Second Amendment Foundation, are kicking off the inaugural Second Amendment Day today, 2/22/22.

Brownells wants 2A Day to be a day for gun owners to celebrate, advocate and join. Brownells is sponsoring range time, ammo and food at a selection of ranges around the country today.

You can sign up for range time here.

Brownells encourages 2A supporters unable to attend a participating range to shoot at a range near them, or work on building a gun at home, and post photos of their own 2A celebrations on social media with the hashtag #2ADay to show their support.

The sponsors also want you to make your voices heard in support of your Second Amendment rights.

You can find your legislator here.

Finally, you can take the opportunity of #2ADay to join a state-level gun rights organization where you live. Or a national org like FPC, ASA and SAF.

You can join a local gun rights organization here.

So get out to there today and put some rounds down range. Or just get out to the garage and work on that build you have going. But whatever you do, be sure to celebrate Second Amendment Day today and protect your right to keep and bear arms.

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