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The DC Project Wants You to Know: Gun Control Means Tragedy for Women

DC Project

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We’ve written about the DC Project here before and featured op-eds from the organization’s new Jersey Director, Theresa Inacker. The DC Project is a women’s organization that preaches firearms safety and violence prevention are achieved through education, not legislation. They encourage the preservation of America’s gun culture and highlight the diversity and rising demographic of female gun owners through ongoing advocacy because gun rights are women’s rights.

You may remember DC Project founder Dianna Muller’s testimony before the collective ignorance that is the House Judiciary Committee back in 2019. Here she is (starting at 4:00) telling the great minds on the committee (yes, that’s David Chipman sitting next to her) that they can enact whatever ban they want, but she — and tens of millions of Americans like her — simply will not comply.

Now the DC Project is out with a new video promoting the org, featuring the stories of two women, Lucretia Hughes and Mary Forgues.

Their message is simple. Gun control kills. It disarms law-abiding Americans and reduces or eliminates their ability to defend themselves and their families.

Our friends in the Civilian Disarmament Industrial Complex — people like the aforementioned David Chipman, Kris Brown, Shannon Watts and Gabby Giffords — see that as a feature, not a bug. But more and more Americans beg to differ.

Watch the brief video. It’s worth your time. You can read more about the DC Project here.

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