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Bail Reform Follies: Florida Man Released on $355 Bail After Shooting at Vehicles in 4 Separate Road Rage Incidents

Image by Boch. Base image by Orange Co. Sheriff’s Office.

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A Florida man — no, not that Florida Man — was released after posting a whopping $355 bond in Orange County after shooting into four vehicles in separate road rage incidents in the past couple of months. He’s back on the street after nearly killing people over anger management issues for less than the price of a good coffee maker.

Cops had been looking for him since December in the shots-fired incidents where he tried to kill fellow drivers and their passengers.

Cops finally caught up with them earlier this week.

But thanks to the “bail reform” movement that’s sweeping the nation, Emanuel Bullard only needed to post $355 to get out of jail and back on the road.

Fox News had the details from the various incidents, but Law Enforcement Today had news of his obscenely low bail amount.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office alleges that Bullard has been the trigger man in a violent series of incidents dating back to December of 2021.

Yet, despite the series of violent actions Bullard is accused of, the first appearance judge assigned the low bond of $3,550 which meant he only had to come up with $355 to be released through a bondsman.

Bullard was able to do so and was released just after 2 am on the 15th.

On one hand Bullard is a lucky man. In Florida, with over 2.4 million carry licenses in circulation, he rolled the dice, taking the ambient temperature challenge not once, not twice, but four times without one of his intended victims returning fire. What’s more, nobody knows how many more incidents may have taken place that didn’t get reported to the police.

Regardless, he’s now back out on the streets of Orange County.  Time will tell if number five proves to be his not-so-lucky number. Or some other drivers’.

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