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Kansas FIND Act Financial Anti-Discrimination Bill to Be Heard in a Key Senate Committee

Kansas State Capitol Topeka

[ED: Texas enacted the FIND Act in 2021 in response to big banks’ anti-gun policies. Money center banks like Bank of America, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and others had put lending and underwriting policies in place that explicitly discriminated against lawful gun industry-related businesses. Once signed into law, Texas’s FIND Act has forced a change in some of those banks’ policies and a number of other states are considering bills of their own. Now a similar bill is under consideration in Kansas.]

From the National Shooting Sports Foundation . . .

In an effort to discourage corporate discrimination against the firearm industry, Kansas State Senator Kellie Warren (R—District 11) has introduced SB 482, the NSSF-backed Firearm Industry Nondiscrimination (FIND) Act. The bill would require companies to submit written verification that they do not have policies or practices that discriminate against the lawful firearm industry before they are able to enter into large goods or services contracts with state or local government entities.

This legislation is modeled after the FIND Act signed into law last year by Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Please contact your state senator today and ask that he or she strongly support SB 482. Mention that the state has an interest in ensuring the firearm industry is not maliciously starved of essential services because we are the singular industry necessary for citizens to exercise a constitutionally enshrined right.

It is also inappropriate for state and local governments to compel their taxpayers to fund corporate gun control efforts aimed at diminishing the freedoms of those same taxpayers. Woke companies like Bank of America and PayPal may continue to discriminate against the firearm industry but they should not be able to financially benefit from Kansas taxpayers at the same time.

The biggest Wall Street banks will do all they can to kill this bill so they can continue their radical political activism while still benefiting from millions of dollars taken from the taxpayers. Tell your senator that this is one time to choose Main Street over Wall Street.

You can find your state senator here.

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