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Would-Be Assassin of Louisville Mayoral Candidate on Gun Control, ‘Gun Violence’ and Resistance

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Quintez Brown
Quintez Brown (courtesy Louisville Metro Department of Corrections)

Politicians and lobbyists will continue to push the narrative of socialists, criminal brown immigrants and unlawful black thugs as long as it persuades you to maintain their white capitalist patriarchy masked as a democracy. 

They’ve had the power and resources to reduce gun violence and enact common-sense gun reform, and they’ve yet to do so. And they never will as long as it benefits them in some way.

To them, your life doesn’t matter. And until we elect politicians who are truly committed to democracy and human rights, who truly believe that all people are created equal — rather they be undocumented immigrants, trans people, or unhoused people — we must continue to disrupt, resist and fight for humanity. 

Quintez Brown in Kentucky’s concealed carry law shows your life doesn’t matter to gun-loving Republicans

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