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ILA | Utah: Expanded Background Bill Scheduled to be Heard Tomorrow

Your immediate action is needed!

Tomorrow, the House Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Committee will hear House Bill 133, modeled after Bloomberg-style gun control pushed at both the state and federal level, to criminalize private transfers absent the involvement of a licensed firearms dealer. Please contact committee members and respectfully urge them to OPPOSE HB 133.

House Bill 133 bans the private transfer of firearms without the involvement of a federally licensed firearms dealer, with limited exceptions. According to a January, 2013, report from the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Institute of Justice, the effectiveness of “universal background checks” depends on requiring gun registration. In other words, the only way that the government could fully enforce such a requirement would be to mandate the registration of all firearms in private possession – a requirement that has been prohibited by federal law since 1986. Is firearm registration the next step for Utah? We cannot let this happen in Utah! To learn more about NRA’s position on background checks, click here.  ​ 

To view the committee’s agenda, and to find information to participate in the hearing remotely by video conference, click here. Again, please contact committee members and ask them to OPPOSE HB 133.

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