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Illinois State Police Expressway Shooting Map Details Chicagoland Violence On Interstates

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Some people believe the best way to avoid rampant violence in bad neighborhoods involves driving past them on freeways doing at least 70mph. In Illinois, however, even if you don’t stop in the most dangerous parts of Murder City, USA, there remains a non-negligible change of getting shot anyway. Or at least shot at.

Violence on expressways is so bad in Chicagoland that Illinois State Police have set up a website to track them.

ABC 7 has the story . . .

Illinois State Police have launched a new tool to battle expressway shootings.

The new interactive map plots out every reported shooting on every Illinois expressway since 2019. It provides details on the locations, timing and whether there were injuries or deaths linked to the shooting.

“We want to provide this information to the general public, community stakeholders, our traffic safety partners, other first responders, and our law enforcement partners to assure them that we are committed to our mission of ensuring public safety on our expressway systems,” ISP Director Brendan F. Kelly said in a written statement. “Knowing when and where these violent crimes are being committed, provides us with another tool to combating these violent and senseless crimes.”

A database as a tool to battle expressway shootings? Is this really the Illinois State Police’s strategy to combat Chicagoland violent crime? Well, under Governor J.B. Pritzker’s administration, it might be.

Violence in Chicago remains dialed up to eleven so far in the new year. In fact, 2021 homicides rose to 849 thanks to a few of 2020’s victims finally succumbing to their injuries. 2022 isn’t looking much better with fifty folks meeting an untimely end in January alone.

Zooming out, aside from ballistic activity in East St. Louis, Illinois and the cesspool that is Chicagoland, there have only been about three expressway shootings in the state since 2019. Two near Rockford and one west of Terre Haute.

No doubt Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot would like to keep news of the new ISP website buried where the sun doesn’t shine as it doesn’t shine as it doesn’t present a good argument for her plan to reimagine policing or the city’s response to violent crime. So whatever you do, don’t share this story with anyone.


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