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Dionne: The Dreaded Gun Lobby and a Conservative Supreme Court are Handcuffing Common Sense ‘Gun Safety’ Reform

At least as dangerous to public safety is the radically conservative majority on the Supreme Court that claims to revere state and local rights but seems prepared to upend municipal efforts to get a handle on the gun problem.

The consensus after last November’s oral arguments saw this majority as hell-bent on undoing New York’s strict limits on carrying weapons outside the home. At the time, Adams used the word “frightening” to describe “what’s about to play out on … the Supreme Court.”

How disconnected from urban realities are the good justices? “You don’t have to say, when you’re looking for a permit to speak on a street corner or whatever, that, you know, your speech is particularly important,” said Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. “So why do you have to show in this case, convince somebody, that you’re entitled to exercise your Second Amendment right?”

Ah, yes, giving a speech is like carrying a gun. Got it.

Those who rightly advocate reforming the police and the criminal justice system need to show how “policing that treats everyone with respect and dignity,” as Biden put it in New York, is, in fact, the best approach to combating lawlessness.

But the other imperative is to call out the hypocrisy of those who give fiery, divisive speeches about law and order while doing everything in their power to guarantee lawbreakers access to all the weapons they need.

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