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ANOTHER ‘NO-KNOCK’ MURDER? Minneapolis Police Storm Apartment, Shoot Good Guy With a Gun Sleeping On Couch Inside in Minneapolis [VIDEOS]

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube.

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Police in Minneapolis stormed an apartment occupied by decent people and killed Amir Locke, a 19-year-old concealed carry licensee. Locke went for his gun when awakened by intruders in his cousin’s apartment. And Minneapolis police shot him like a rabid dog.

It looks a lot like another recent no-knock fatal shooting from Las Vegas, only in this case, cops weren’t looking for a murder suspect and the dead resident’s family is chock full of law enforcement members. He reportedly had a carry license and zero reason to think police would storm the residence with a no-knock warrant.

Here’s the police bodycam which looks very damning to the Minneapolis PD, an outfit that really doesn’t need more PR like this.

This from a city where Mayor Jacob Frey proudly proclaimed that “no knock” warrants were a thing of the past. Nice job, Mayor “Soy Milk” Frey.

From an archival copy of Frey’s campaign website from October 2021:

    • Implementing a first-in-the-nation ban on so-called warrior-style training for officers both on and off duty.

    • Implementing updates to the city’s body camera policy, including disciplinary measures for noncompliance, that have improved compliance from less than 55% at the time I took office to over 90%.

      • More recently, we further strengthened the policy by prohibiting MPD officers involved in critical incidents from reviewing body camera footage prior to completing their initial police reports and prohibiting officers from deactivating their body cameras to privately converse while they are responding to a call

    • Issuing new MPD policy to incorporate a victim-centered and trauma-informed approach to sexual assault responses and investigations that prioritizes the victim’s safety, privacy, well-being, and rights.

    • Banning the use of no-knock warrants in the city of Minneapolis.

Now, Frey claims (again) that he’s banned no-knock warrants with Mr. Amir Locke’s death.

From the LA Times:

The Minneapolis mayor imposed a moratorium on no-knock warrants Friday, two days after a SWAT team entered a downtown apartment and killed Amir Locke, a Black man whose parents said he was “executed” after he was startled from sleep and reached for a legal firearm to protect himself.

Mayor Jacob Frey said the moratorium is effective immediately and will ban requests for and the execution of warrants in which police do not announce themselves.

Frey said that while the moratorium is in place, he and police leadership will work with national experts to review the department’s policy on no-knock warrants and suggest revisions.

“No matter what information comes to light, it won’t change the fact that Amir Locke’s life was cut short,” Frey said in a statement. Locke was 22.

Locke’s parents, Andre Locke and Karen Wells, described their son Friday as respectful, including to police, and said some of their relatives work in law enforcement. Wells said the couple coached their son on how to act and do “what they needed to do whenever they encountered police officers” because of the danger to “unarmed Black males.”

“My son was executed on 2/2 of 22,” Wells said. “And now his dreams have been destroyed.”

The police news conference about the botched raid ran off the rails near the end and turned into a near circus. Here’s the “uncensored” version . . .

Go to 20:40 to see where things went sideways, including a woman approaching the police chief after showing that she didn’t have a gun so she wouldn’t get shot. It went south from there.

ABC News has more on the kid and his family.

Before he was fatally shot by a Minneapolis police officer, Amir Locke had been making plans.

The 22-year-old Black man had filed paperwork to start a music business, his mother said, and had already designed a logo. Next week, he planned to move to Dallas, where he would be closer to his mom and — he hoped — build a career as a hip-hop artist, following in the musical footsteps of his father.

His death inside a Minneapolis apartment where police were serving a search warrant early Wednesday has renewed calls for police accountability and justice for Black people who are too often victims. It also left Locke’s tight-knit family, friends and a community grieving for the life he didn’t get to live.

“Amir was a bright light, and he deserves to be able to shine,” his father, Andre Locke, said during a news conference Friday.

Many questions remain about the events leading up to Locke’s death. But a police bodycam video shows officers entering the apartment without knocking and an officer kicking the couch where Locke’s family said he was sleeping. On the video, he is seen wrapped in a comforter, beginning to move, with a pistol in his hand just before an officer fires his weapon.

Locke’s family said he had no criminal record, and he had a license and concealed carry permit for the gun, which they said he had for protection because he worked in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area as a driver for a food delivery service. His family includes several people with backgrounds in law enforcement and the military, and his parents and a cousin said they spoke often with Amir and other young Black men in the family about how to handle interactions with police: keep your hands visible, don’t make any sudden movements.

Now, Governor Tim Walz has called up the national guard to help ensure Minneapolis doesn’t suffer a re-run of the violence of the summer of 2020.




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