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ILA | Utah: Enhanced Firearm Preemption Legislation Passes Committee

Yesterday, the Senate Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Committee passed Senate Bill 115 1st Substitute, introduced last week by Senator Chris Wilson and Representative Cory Maloy. SB 115 enhances Utah’s existing firearm preemption statute by providing a mechanism to ensure compliance. Firearm preemption occupies the field of firearm laws and regulations with the state, preventing localities from enacting their own gun control, which in turn could create a confusing patchwork of regulations and ordinances. This legislation will help ensure consistency in firearm laws throughout the state of Utah. 

SB 115 will now head to the Senate floor. Click the “Take Action button below to contact your Senator and urge their support of this important legislation. 

Please stay tuned to for updates on these bills and others affecting your Second Amendment rights in Utah.

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