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Early Morning Raid: Las Vegas Police Shoot and Kill Uninvolved 19-Year-Old in 41-Round Shootout [VIDEO]

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube (Las Vegas Police)

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Las Vegas police stormed an apartment searching for a murder suspect early Monday morning, January 10th. While the subject of the warrant wasn’t home, 19-year-old Isaiah Williams had the misfortune of sleeping on a couch in the living room at the time. In the midst of the chaos, he engaged the SWAT team, firing a total of 18 rounds as they opened fire.

Despite the mind-numbing chaos and commotion, the occupant’s fire against the cops who were storming the residence proved incredibly accurate. He struck the lead cop in both arms, a leg as well as hits on the officer’s plate carrier, rifle suppressor and holster. He also wounded a second officer with shrapnel, and hit the ballistic shield of yet a third officer standing outside.

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube (Las Vegas Police)

The bodycam video of the incident shows the chaos of the raid.

The video is NSFW. Skip to 5:41 to get to the raid itself.

It shows officers announcing themselves and that they had a search warrant. After they say “Police department! Search warrant!” the first time, they quickly repeat it. You can hear glass break when the SWAT team apparently tosses in a flash-bang.

They call them “distraction devices” but they’re more like bombs if you’ve had the misfortune of having one go off near you. I’ve had the pleasure of playing with a “trainer” flashbang and it will ring your bell. Experiencing the real deal in a small room without ear protection will probably end your days of enjoying classical music.

The guy with the battering ram hammered on the door five times before it gave way. All the while, other cops are still yelling “Police department! Search warrant!” and others are tossing in more “distraction devices.”

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube (Las Vegas Police)

The guy sleeping on the couch, who was not a wanted man at all, happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He’s rudely wakened by people outside yelling, glass crashing, flash-bangs detonating and a battering ram hammering on the front door. Even with all that going on, he accessed his gun and engaged the invaders.

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube (Las Vegas Police)

As many will undoubtedly say, he should have raised his hands and surrendered.

On the other hand, if he had survived and I found myself on the jury in his case, I’m not sure I’d vote to convict him of the litany of charges they said they would have filed. From the Las Vegas Sun.

Had he survived, Williams would have been arrested on counts of attempted murder with use of a deadly weapon on a first responder; battery with a deadly weapon on a first responder, assault on a first responder and three counts of discharging a firearm into an occupied structure.

Screen capture by Boch. Via YouTube (Las Vegas Police)

From a comfy chair in a quiet office watching that video, it’s easy to put together a “totality of circumstances” case for a reasonable and prudent person to determine it was really the police outside the door. However, harshly awakened from a deep sleep at 5am with yelling, glass breaking, flash-bangs detonating and the big bad wolf battering down the front door?

Let’s all just thank heavens warrants like these are fewer and farther between than they used to be.

The Las Vegas Sun has the best coverage . . .

A 19-year-old man who was fatally shot by Metro Police in the southeast valley Monday had no connection to a murder police were investigating when they entered an apartment to serve a search warrant, police said today at a briefing.

Assistant Sheriff Andrew Walsh said Isaiah Tyree Williams, 19, was shot by officers several times as they tried to serve a search warrant related to a November 2021 homicide. Two officers were injured in the exchange.

Police announced their presence by yelling “police department, search warrant” multiple times at about 5 a.m. before entering the apartment in the 3000 block of South Nellis Boulevard, Walsh said.

SWAT officers first broke a window at the apartment and used “loud distracts” while announcing the warrant. Simultaneously, other SWAT members were using a battering ram to gain entry through the front door.

After police made their way in, Williams — who was lying on a couch just right of the front door — immediately opened fire and struck officer Kerry Kubla, 50, “several” times, Walsh said. He was not specific on how many times Kubla was shot.

Four other officers returned fire until Williams stopped shooting. The 19-year-old Williams was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kubla was rendered aid at the scene and was transported to University Medical Center, where he is continuing to receive treatment for wounds to both arms and a leg, Walsh said. It was revealed a bullet had been lodged in his bulletproof vest, as well as gunfire taken to his holster and rifle barrel. He’s been with LVMPD since 2008, Walsh said.

“Officer Kubla was struck in both arms and one of his legs,” Walsh said. “He’s got a very long road ahead of him … He’s in our thoughts and prayers.”

Best wishes for Officer Kubla’s recovery.

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