Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Gun Meme of the Day: Yet Another Shot at Springfield Edition

Springfield and Rock River Armory formed a lobbying firm. They said they wouldn’t oppose a law that put onerous restrictions on Illinois dealers if they were excluded from it. They also donated to antigun Democrat legislative leaders. When people found out, they pretended that it was a rogue lobby group that they happened to be member of, despite founding it, controlling it, and being the only members. The bill was killed, but then was reintroduced and passed the next year. The NRA later gave the Springfield CEO the Golden Bullseye Pioneer, despite everything they do being a copy of an existing gun (1911, M1A, AR-15, BHP) or imported (HS products). They just got the award for their BHP as 2022 Bullseye Handgun. Basically,, they paid enough for ads in magazines to get awards. With friends like that, who needs enemas.

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