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SHOT Show: New PF320 Complete Pistol From Polymer80

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Branching out from 80% receivers for ARs and pistols, Polymer80 has begun manufacturing and selling complete firearms. The newest is the PF320, which employs a SIG P320 Fire Control Unit inside a ready-to-shoot package with P80 frame, slide, barrel, etc.

I like the ergonomics of the P80 frames a lot, finding that I point them naturally and intuitively, plus they have great texture and the general shape just works really well for me. The PF320 features an oversized magazine release and a nice beavertail.

The slide is also optics-ready by default.

Nice looking barrel hood and slide styling.

The textured relief under the front slide serrations is interesting. I found it to be a decent spot for my support hand thumb as I shoot both-thumbs-forward.

It looks blocky, but it works and feels good. I’ve shot these frames a fair bit now and I really like how they index in my hands.

Also new from P80 are optics-ready slides for the GLOCK-compatible frames.


Next Post Coming Soon…▶

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