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SHOT Show: Black Collar Arms APS (Adjustable Pistol Support). It Isn’t a Stock, It Isn’t a Brace.

Alright, alright, alright. A third category of rear accessory for firearms has dropped. We’ve had shoulder stocks since the invention of the long gun, we’ve had pistol braces for about a decade, and now we have pistol supports. New from Black Collar Arms is the APS, or Adjustable Pistol Support.

Designed to be a second or third point of contact for a large format pistol, the APS provides a stable, height-adjustable rest for the rear of the pistol.

While a pistol brace is designed to brace against the shooter’s body — typically on the forearm — for extended-arm firing of the pistol, the Black Collar Arms APS isn’t designed to contact the shooter’s body. Instead, it supports the weight of a pistol on a shooting bench, the ground, or another solid surface and it provides vertical point of aim adjustment.

TTAG’s time with these prototype Adjustable Pistol Supports showed the APS to be a rock solid shooting platform and a decent place to rest one’s cheek when shooting accurate pistols designed for longer ranges that have, until now, lacked a good way to solidly support the rear end.

The first model to be sold by Black Collar Arms will be a finished (this is a rough-and-dirty prototype that we saw during SHOT Show) version of this clamp-on unit.

It’s designed to clamp to any pistol buffer tube or any adapter made for a Gear Head Works Tailhook MOD 1.

On a buffer tube, of course, it can slide forward (as in the previous photo) and rearward (pic above) to align with a given shooting bench, rock, side-by-side dashboard, hunting blind, or other support surface.

Height adjustment is achieved by simply rotating the monopod.

Black Collar Arms says the production version will have the ability to accept popular bipod feet (likely Magpul bipod-compatible feet) in the bottom. Given that bipod feet are available in styles ranging from rubber bumpers to machined aluminum spikes, that will give the user a lot of options to accommodate different support surfaces and shooting styles.

Shipping is supposed to begin within approximately 90 days. Pricing isn’t set yet, but is estimated to be around $149. Info can be found at Black Collar Arms HERE.


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