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SHOT Show: Meister Manufaktur by Walther

Walther has taken its Q5 Match Steel Frame pistol to the custom shop and is offering the Meister Manufaktur line of hand finished guns. I swung by the booth to take horrible SHOT Show photos of absolutely gorgeous guns . . .

A Black Diamond and Black Tie were out for handling and man oh man did they feel good. Fit and finish on them is absolutely fantastic. Completely flawless in every way I could see, and the fit between slide, frame, barrel, and more was ball bearing smooth and highly precise.

Of course, I managed to only snap photos of the Vintage (color case hardened) and Patriot, which were behind glass. For lots of good photos, like the one immediately above, check out the Meister Manufaktur page HERE and click on each of the five models.

It’s always fun to see what a talented custom shop can do with finishings, engravings, and hand fitting. These guns are gorgeous and the Q5 Match Steel Frame is a fantastic shooter, too.


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