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Range Day: Shooting the Federal .30 Super Carry

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At SHOT Show’s Range Day, Federal Ammunition had one S&W Shield Plus chambered in 9mm and one chambered in their new .30 Super Carry round. We shot both back-to-back…

The skinnier .30 Super Carry fit two more rounds into the same gun.

We fired 115 grain 9mm and 100 grain .30 Super Carry.

Blindfolded, I don’t think I could tell the difference. This was the general consensus from a bunch of other shooters, too. Perhaps, thanks to the lighter bullet, there’s a little bit less felt recoil push and muzzle movement, but it’s dang close. It feels much more like 9mm than it does .380.

I’m very interested in seeing ballistics gel tests, expansion results from the HST load through various barriers, etc. If I can get 9mm terminal ballistics from a round that provides me with +2 capacity and the shooting feel of a 9mm, I’m all about that.


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